Pereira vs Once Caldas

Asian Handicap
Pick: Caldas +0.25
Odds: 1.793
Stake: 1

Match date: 08/02/2022

We are going with the team of the moment in Colombia, because it is one of the ones that was reinforced the most, as I said in previous picks


The results are on his side to begin with, 4 games played and so far undefeated with 8 points


Luckily we already have the return of Marcelino Carreazo, the team's top scorer


Pereira does not seem to be the team from the last tournament that reached the playoffs


He was only able to beat Patriotas as a visitor, then defeats to Alianza Petrolera and to Cali, which is no longer the one from the last tournament.


Local effect I don't see that it weighs much, they are two towns that are only 90 km apart, they are high-altitude teams, Manizales is a little more than Pereira but obviously similar due to the short distance

VOID Score: Postponed Profit: 0
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