Pereira vs Once Caldas

Asian Handicap
Pick: Once Caldas +0,50
Odds: 1.776
Stake: 1

Match date: 16/10/2021

Although it is true that Pereira arrives a little better, Diego Corredor's Once Caldas showed a certain improvement in how the tournament started

A start of pure defeats that left him far behind in the table

But the quality of the teams are similar and the Palogrande team already knows what it is to add 3 points away from home.

Also remember that this will be the date of the classics in Colombia and from Pereira to Manizales there is less than an hour of travel, they are from the same district so to speak

So there will be no local factor that weighs here, nor does the Matecana fury have a fan base that makes the visitor capsize or intimate him, nor will the height factor make a dent in Once Caldas

Totally disproportionate quotas for the best moment of Pereira

That is why I opted for equal forces with Once Caldas, all the value is in the visitor

LOST Score: 3:0 Profit: -1
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