Asian Handicap
Pick: PK35(0)
Odds: 1.89
Stake: 1

Match date: 24/10/2020
Topgame here in Finland Kakkonen group A.2 last rounds left and hometeam PePo are in 2nd place with 30 points,awayteam leagueleader PK35 have 35 points so this is crucial game to PePo.After weak start of season PePo find better form,but obviously too late.Im not suprised that PePo find finally their form,because they was clearly top4 ranked before this season and otherside im not suprised that PK35 have been top of the table whole season.I think in this game more important than stats&numbers is experience of tough games and PK35 win that almost 0-100 if we look both squads experience from higher levels(Ykkonen&Veikkausliiga).PK35 have several players that have deep experience from several seasons of higher leagues,so im 100% sure that they are ready to meet PePo tomorrow and do their job done."
VOID Score: 1:1 Profit: 0
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