Asian Handicap
Pick: PK-35(-1)
Odds: 1.8
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/03/2021

1/8 final Finnish cup:

Hometeam PePo from Finnish kakkonen have been sofar invincible in Finnish cup,when they have won all 4 cupgames against another teams from same level(kakkonen).PePo have been already 3-4 season one of topranked team in Finnish kakkonen,but anyway they have not succeed to promote into ykkonen.Away have moved their last season firstchoice keeper Jonathan Jantti,defender Jens Harju,midfielders Alex Oikkonen,Oskari Kekkonen and attacker Alieu Ceesay.Couple of good signings have came in,but not any big profile players.PePo come to miss important defender Milos Josimov and Leon Augosto for sure also questionable players are Nsombo,S.Suoraniemi,E.Suoraniemi,Sarkka and Koistinen.

Awayteam PK-35 promoted from Finnish kakkonen to ykkonen last season and have started their new journey with strong performances.They have wins in cup against MuSa(2-1),EIF(0-2) and draw against TPS(2-2) also they played friendly game last week against one of topteam from Veikkausliiga FC Honka(1-1).attacker Jonathan Musinga are questionable.PK-35 have made strong signings before this season,experienced defenders Pauli Kuusijarvi and Matias Hanninen both have experience from Veikkausliiga.Also strong signings was Daniel Rantanen(AC Oulu) and Brittish attacker Gerald Ben have showed strong performances sofar.7 players from PK-35 squad have experience from Finnish toplevel(Veikkausliiga).

All respect to hometeam PePo,but PK-35 have showed already that kind of performances(against stronger opponents) that i see only one favorite here,anyway i take this bet with safety -1 hc.

WIN Score: 0:3 Profit: +0.8
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