Penarol vs Sporting Cristal

Copa Sudamericana
Asian Handicap
Pick: Penarol -0.75
Odds: 1.73
Stake: 1

Match date: 18/08/2021

If sporting Cristal already had a problem to lift this series, now with the news that the two scorers A.Hohberg (current top scorer of the team) and the great reinforcement Marcos Riquelme (who came from being a scorer in Bolivar) are not of the game

The reality is that the celestial team lowered their level a lot, they are no longer master and lord in their own land

The weekend put the best with Hohberg included vs Cesar Vallejo who had several casualties and still lost.

Nor could he with University

On the side of Pe?arol, they will aim to further liquidate this series

Dt Larriera aimed to save in the league to play with all this game, as we see below

So, I see a lot of difference in the squad, I see that the Uruguayans arrive more rested without the weight loss that Sporting Cristal has, even though Torres is low in Pe?arol


And above we have the plus that they enabled a certain capacity at the Pe?arol Stadium so that it has fans cheering

HALF WIN Score: 1:0 Profit: +0.37
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