Penarol vs Fenix

Asian Handicap
Pick: Fénix +0,75
Odds: 1.99
Stake: 1

Match date: 29/03/2021

Last date of the Uruguayan tournament and Pe?arol no longer has anything else at stake

If he goes to the Libertadores or the South American, he already depends on rentiers when he plays the semifinal vs liverpool

Although Pe?arol had a good comeback, it was because he wanted to win the annual table but there is no way to reach it.

Anyway, Pe?arol is not strong at home, of the last 5 games he only won one

Phoenix comes with a very good streak

I take 13 of the last 15 points and they were not 15 because on the last date it was tied after going 3 times up on the scoreboard

Visitor 4 without losing

And here the important thing, phoenix with one point already gets the South American square because it passes to Cerro Largo by goal difference regardless of whether the Colonia wins

Because of how they arrive and for phoenix motivation, you have to play this handicap.

Up to +0.50 there is a lot of value

LOST Score: 3:1 Profit: -1
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