Patronato vs Union

Asian Handicap
Pick: Union HA 0.0
Odds: 1.65
Stake: 1

Match date: 07/03/2021
I must admit I was surprised by the Union game They come from beating a great team like Lanus who arrived winning everything I found in several young players a great performance such as wing Kevin Zenon or today scorer Juan Garcia I have been saying about the board of trustees date after date, they have a very poor squad, they changed the DT and with Delfino another trend was expected, but there is no case they continue to lose For this game the DT will make 3 changes leaving starters in the bank And to this, let's add 2 casualties due to injury that he had already been bringing like Delgadillo and Gudi?o who aimed to be the important points of this team In union remains low Luna Diale Even so, I see very good Union DNB. The Board has already lost the 3 games it played in the league

WIN Score: 0:1 Profit: +0.65
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