Patronato vs Boca

Asian Handicap
Pick: Patronato +1
Odds: 1.735
Stake: 1

Match date: 08/05/2021
Russo complicated in a certain part the classification to the next round of the liberators by putting a mix in Ecuador, who knows why and now with Santos who is coming from thrashing, a key game is being played in Brazil where he cannot lose
For this reason, in this game, put the most alternative team of the entire season
The third goalkeeper saves, debut in the central defense of Giampaoli, and of Ezequien Fernandez in the middle.
Rojo and Campuzano who come with little shooting despite the surnames, Zeballos and Obando substitutes and Soldano as the goal card (which by the way has little goal)
I do not also summon its stars, Emanuel Villa and Carlos Tevez. In addition to several more headlines

Patrontato of Trustees had a covid outbreak, it is true, but it did not lose many headlines.
If we take that confirmed 11, we see that the best players of the Patron are
Patronato is becoming strong as a local. He won the last 3 games in his little redoubt
You also have to add 3 if or if, because it is the team most committed to relegation and the next tournament defines who goes down to the second division
Boca comes here to comply, it is already classified and it does not care about the location.
The head is in Brazil

Handicap too long for patronato

WIN Score: 1:0 Profit: +0.74
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    CK 08/05/2021 05:59:08
    good luck!