Partizan - FC DAC 1904

1X2 / Moneyline
Pick: Partizan
Odds: 1.59
Stake: 1

Match date: 22/07/2021

Europa Confernce League, Second qualifying round, first leg

Venue: Partizan stadium in Belgrade, Serbia

Partizan - FC DAC 1904 

One of best Serbian teams, Partizan Belgrade will start its 2021/22 European campaign with home game against Dunajska Streda from Slovakia. 

In my opinion anything but a home win here would be huge surprise. 

Partizan already four years in a row can't win the championship title in the Serbian league although mainly was dominant in the mutual meetings with main city rival. But that's now another story. In any case, in Europe they had success in these early stages more often than not and I expect this to continue now against one (for European level) pretty inexperienced team.  

For me Partizan is better than season ago. First of all the head coach is good. It's Aleksandar Stanojevic who had great success with this team in the past. He was back to Partizan in the middle of last season, so now enough time has passed, he had opportunity to change some players which he did ...

Compared with last season, Partizan is now without Japanese international Asano. His sudden leave late in the last season was blow cause he was best team scorer. But he wasn't typical striker, he was more like a super speedy wing player. Without him, the offensive tactic is changed a little bit. In any case I have no worries about scoring goals. Partizan brought back Ricardo Gomes who was in the past the team best scorer. I think he was also Serbian league top scorer when playing for Partizan for the first time. Now after few years Gomes is back and right away he proved that he is even better than last time. In defense they brought good player from Vojvodina, Sanicanin. Experienced goalkeeper is still here. 

Partizan was great in the preseason. Among others they also defeated Russian side Rostov. Rostov by the way just days later defeated Lokomotiv Moscow. At the start of the Serbian league, Partizan simply destroyed Proleter (8th placed season ago) on the road (0:4) and with above mentioned Ricardo scoring twice (the second one was the real beauty, top class execution).

Overall I have fully trust to this team to take the job done today on expected pretty crowded stadium and in game against one opponent who should be level below.  

Dunajska Streda is the Slovakian team but with Hungarian money. Something similar like TSC in Serbia or Osijek I think in Croatia. They have more than 20 foreign players so we could call them the real Foreign Legion. But overall they are too young squad. Average age is only 22. 

The latest signing from few days ago is Latvian international Andrejs Ciganiks (Left-Back). 

The Slovakian team had few wins in the preseason against Hungarian opponents but against more quality ones they have lost. Ferencvaros has defeated them 1:0 while Austrian Salzburg with 3:1. 

For end one interesting fact. The guests have arrived to Serbia by bus which is really unusual cause we are talking about 500+ km.  

WIN Score: 1:0 Profit: +0.59
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