Paris FC - Toulouse

Asian Handicap
Pick: Paris FC +0
Odds: 1.83
Stake: 1

Match date: 01/05/2021

In spite of four matches without wins, but only one defeat, Paris is out from promotion playoff only cause worst goal difference respect Auxerre.


On the contrary, Tolouse is in full race to join direct promotion, but big problems for them.


19 profesional players out with Covid before cup match lost against an amateur team and trainer able to call only 17 players for today's one.


Important starters remain out as regular keeper Dupé, def. Dewaest ( 10), Amian ( 31 4g), Machado ( 30 1g), midf. Dejaegere ( 27+3 2g best assistman (10)), att. Antiste ( cosecond scorer 6g).


Paris without Gullaguvoi ( midf.11+5), Ndy7aie ( def.10+5), Lopez ( midf.28+3 6g) and Boli ( midf.8+3 2g).


Paris can take advantage from huge problems of Tolouse to enter in promotion zone here, hosts loose only three home games in whole season

WIN Score: 3:1 Profit: +0.83
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