Paraguay vs bolivia

Asian Handicap
Pick: Paraguay -1
Odds: 1.694
Stake: 1

Match date: 14/06/2021

That Bolivia is the weakest team in South America, almost everyone knows, at least to this day.

They become strong in the heights, but in the plains it is complicated

I admit that they took a point from Chile, but if they play 10 more games, I think they lose 9

Now, if their best figures fall on them due to Covid, such as the scorer of the qualifying rounds Marcelo Martins and the goalkeeper who is always Carlos Lampe, things get very complicated.

In addition to 2 more headlines such as Diego Bejarano and Henry Vaca

And a substitute Luis Hauquin

Much advantage like this for Paraguay that has a good team, where Angel Romero and Miguel Almiron among others are already confirmed from the start

WIN Score: 3:1 Profit: +0.69
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