Paderborn - Nurnberg

Asian Handicap
Pick: Nurnberg +0
Odds: 2.05
Stake: 1

Match date: 30/07/2021

There is no reason for these odds on guests undefeated, both teams with a scoreless draw in first round, but guests with a strong performance against Aue.

Probably the worst team at start of season, Aue was lucky to avoid also a large defeat.

Trainer of Nurnberg pleased by strong performance in defense but complain that with twenty shots they were not able to win.

I expect a further reaction by guests here, with only Hack ( midf.1sub/4g last season) relevant miss, he is ill, but trainer assure no covid in this case.

Paderborn remain without regular keeper Zingerle, other misses are Ananou ( midf.12+13), Correia ( midf.7+1), newcomer Mehlem and Yelcin ( last season key midf. in Sivasspor).

But hosts also weakened by important departures, second scorer Fuhric ( 13g), Antwi-Adjei ( midf.22+9 4g), key def. Schonlau ( 32 1g).

After first match for Nurnberg I waited for more balanced odds for guests without particular problems.

VOID Score: 2:2 Profit: 0
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