Osijek - CSKA Sofia

UEFA Conference League
Under / Over
Pick: Over 2,5 goals
Odds: 1.77
Stake: 1

Match date: 12/08/2021

Second match of 3rd qualifying round of the Conference League on Thursday at 9.15 pm CET will be played by Croatian club Osijek and Bulgarian CSKA from Sofia. First match ended 4:2 for CSKA, which played great and could have led to a bigger victory, and Osijek was completely disappointed and scored its second goal in the referee's compensation time in the 90th minute.

Osijek has no choice in the second match, they have to win with at least two goals difference to win overtime, and with three differences to qualify for the play-offs. Coach Nenad Bjelica was very disappointed with play and result from Sofia, and his team managed to beat Hrvatski dragovoljac 2:1 away in the 1st HNL on Sunday.

- We are aware of how we played in Bulgaria, that isn't our real face and today each of the players will be ready to give their best. We don't need special motivation for a match like this, we know that we only want a positive result with two or three goals difference. We are ready to throw ourselves on the head, go to the bone from the first second and improve the result. We have the quality for that, the will, we are physically ready for all the efforts of a game like this, but it's clear to everyone that CSKA is a very serious and quality team - said coach of home Bjelica, who will not be able to use midfielder Fiolić and striker Topčagić, but they aren't standard first team players anyway.

Osijek's chances of making up for the two goal losses with which returned from Sofia, largely depend on what kind of game Ramon Mierez will play. And the time has come for the Argentine "bull" to finally stab a new victim on the horns. Namely, since he has been in the white-and-blue jersey, Argentine striker hasn't had a long goal-scoring post, and he hasn't scored a goal in the last six games. For 453 minutes, his teammates didn't celebrate his goal.

For comparison, last season's longest goal-scoring drought lasted two games, but much is expected of the others Bočkaj, Kleinheisler and Hiroš, as well as offensive defenders Miloš and Jurčević, whose center-shots are a strong weapon of Osijek.

CSKA dismantled Osijek in the first match, played above their expectations, although coach Stojčo Mladenov was with this team for only 14 days. It was felt that in the last half hour CSKA wasn't at the required physical level, that some players were left without air and strength, but fast transition and counter-attacks were great.

Mladenov is expected to send the same 11 players he opposed to Osijek in the first match to the pitch of the Gradski vrt stadium. An experienced Dutch stopper, former PSV player and once young national team player Menno Koch is returning to the team, who will have to wait from the bench after recovering from an injury. The main players are internationals Caicedo and Wildschut in attack, and Youga and Carey in midfield.

The night before trip to Osijek, Stojčo Mladenov found himself with a faction of CSKA fans who have been boycotting for a long time and don't come to matches dissatisfied with the situation at the club. His authority, however, is clearly great because he has succeeded in what aren't those who have tried before him.

He "broke" the rebellious fans who, after talking to the club legend, and Mladenov enjoys cult status at the club, after two goals in the quarterfinals of the former Champions Cup in 1982 knocked down the then European champion Liverpool, announced a return to the stands.

- The most important thing is to move on to the next round of qualifications, and we have taken a serious step. CSKA's goal is to win every game. The players are confident, full of self-confidence, look good on the field, actively participate in both phases of play. We are coming to Osijek to win - the 64-year-old coach Mladenov is determined, for whom this is his third term on the CSKA bench, and he hasn't lost in the last 12 European matches.

CSKA's fast players destroyed Osijek in the first match, and now they could have even more room for maneuver, because the host has to play with a lot of risk, they need at least two goals. Osijek is very good at its stadium last season and could win, but a bet for three or more goals in total, seems to be the best choice for this match...

LOST Score: 1:1 Profit: -1
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