Oriolik - Rudar Labin

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Match date: 28/02/2021

Oriolik from Oriovac and Rudar from Labin will play match of 1/8 finals of the Croatian Cup today at 1 pm CET, and winner will play in quarterfinals against the first division team of Istra 1961.

As both clubs are in third division, for them it will be a historic achievement which they have never made before. Due to the epidemic of Covid 19, third division teams in Croatia have not yet resumed their season, they also had problems with winter preparations, so the host Oriolik managed to play only one friendly game in 2021.

Experienced coach Milan Tomljenović was left without a very important player Bošnjaković, and midfielder Kuzmić also had problems with injury. Oriolik is mostly a young team that holds eighth place in the 3. HNL East, and in the previous round of the Cup they beat third division club Split 1:0 at home.

- Rudar is an excellent team, very experienced with several former first league players with experience from Istra and Rijeka, a few more second league names. Experience is certainly their advantage, we have a very young team, but we will not give up on them, our motive is huge, we have the opportunity to write club history and in one game we certainly have our chance despite all problems. After all, we are playing on our stadium, it is not easy for anyone there, it will not be for the guests from Istria - said experienced strategist of Oriolik, Milan Tomljenović.

Rudar from Labin competes in the 3. HNL West, where he is in fourth place, but with aspirations to get a license for the 2. HNL, and then he could go in qualification from second place. During the winter break, club replaced coach, and Zoran Peruško came instead of Elvis Brajković. His main goal is to qualify for the quarterfinals of the Cup, and the biggest thing was done by the club's management because they brought 30-year-old midfielder Valentin Stepčić.

He has previously played in several Croatian first leagues, as well as abroad, and will be key in the Rudar play. In addition to him, there are several other experienced players, and attack is led by the excellent Ivan Macan.

The guests set off on the 450-kilometers long road day before, slept in Nova Gradiška and came to this duel rested. In the last two preparatory matches, Rudar beat the fourth division team Karlovac 3:0 and played 1:1 against the second division team Orijent, and in Cup beat second division team Inter from Zaprešić 2:0. They are very optimistic about this match against Oriolik.

This is a game that is a huge opportunity for both clubs and the motive could not be greater, but when it comes to betting, Rudar is certainly favorite because has a better and more experienced team. Oriolik is the host and will fight to the maximum for a positive result, but we give a slight advantage for the victory of Rudar, while in case of a draw after 90 minutes, overtime would be played.

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    CK 28/02/2021 13:53:17
    Looks like another shitty match. Juz wondering if Croatian football matches are controlled by bookies?

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