Olimpia vs Ameliano

Asian Handicap
Stake: 1

Match date: 20/03/2022

Olimpia arrives at its best for this match

He comes from eliminating Fluminense, he hit the ground and got into the group of liberators

He also comes from beating Cerro Buenos Aires as a visitor and with an alternative team

Now he puts everything to regain ground in the league


He cannot be left behind or he will jeopardize the next classification for Libertadores

Ameliano has been doing a bad campaign

Pesima would say, he lost everything he played, 6 defeats... he only beat the recently promoted Caballero and at home

Many defeats by more than one goal

Olimpia should win this match by more than one goal if the logic is given

The difference in schools is abysmal

Match date: 20/03/2022
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