Oita Trinita - FC Tokyo

Asian Handicap
Pick: FC Tokyo - 0.25
Odds: 1.75
Stake: 1

Match date: 14/03/2021

Oita had more time to prepare this game as their match against Gamba was canceled, but I don't think think this will help them too much as they changed a lot during the off season after losing a lot of key players in the winter. The newcomers are not bad, but I feel the team is weaker than in 2020 and needs games together to gain chemistry. Trinita signed two Brazilian players in the last days before the start of the season, but they are not available yet.

FC Tokyo lost in the previous round, but didn't play badly and after all they faced a team with a strong attacking line like Vissel Kobe. Tomorrow's opponent Oita doesn't have the same quality in attack and Tokyo should do better in terms of defending. The capital side have a good depth and shouldn't be affected too much that they play two games per week. 

FC Tokyo should bounce back  and I expect them to win tomorrow, especially as Oita Trinita are going to miss one of their most important attacking player Naoki Nomura who got injured recently. 

HALF LOST Score: 1:1 Profit: -0.5
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