O'Higgins vs La Calera

Asian Handicap
Pick: O'Higgins -0,25
Odds: 1.934
Stake: 1

Match date: 24/04/2021
Calera got into the infernal fixture that those who play Copa Libertadores and Liga have He comes from playing all his domestic matches with the best team, tomorrow he will play his first Libertadores Cup match and on Tuesday he has to be playing at the Maracana against Flamengo So it is certain that against O Higgins they will put many substitutes, and if the starters play they will not arrive in their maximum splendor Although I doubt it since Calera has players of high age such as Vilches, Valdivia, Castellani and they will surely be saved Above O Higgins is doing a good tournament, he is undefeated, he beat Colo Colo as a visitor and of course without an international tournament in between, he has the perfect rest between games In short, Calera will offer a lot of advantage in this situation, where he will have to play matches every 3 days.

WIN Score: 1:0 Profit: +0.93
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  • 2
    CK 22/04/2021 03:46:14
    AsianBesTrader: crazily early tip
    Odds dropped to make it seems like a very favorite team. Expected to end up with the underdog as winner.