Novi Pazar - Spartak S

Under / Over
Pick: under 2.5
Odds: 2.26
Stake: 1

Match date: 15/10/2021

The odds overreacted and I have to use the momentum to post the good value. As it's dropped to 1,7 at one moment, under 2.5 is possible due to the poor weather and the possibility that the field is not on the best level. Furthermore, those two teams had recently attacking problems and issues at backs so a careful approach from both coaches is expected from my perspective. Finaly, it's Friday when not many goals happen usually (seriously). 

For sure that Spartak changed coach after a recent disaster in the league, 0-4 vs Vozdovac and this coach is familiar with players as it's their former coach Vladimir Gacinovic, who uses the attacking formation and was a good fit for Spartak but anyway he got fired.. Now, he is back but the players need the confidence to play attacking minded and with composure, so first Gacinovic will need to fix the defense and results. One point here would be a good deal for Spartak. 

Two teams couldn't score in last two games while conceding too much (7 and 9) so this may be the situation when coaches decide to be careful and we see the low-scoring draw. My odds for under 2.5 here are around 1.85.

WIN Score: 0:1 Profit: +1.26
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