Newells vs Rosario Central

Asian Handicap
Pick: R.Central +0.50
Odds: 1.699
Stake: 1

Match date: 22/08/2021

One sees the results of Central and is scared to see so many lost games, but we go in parts, let's take the last

Bragantino played a great game in Brazil, which is in the top positions of the Brasilerao

I handle the ball at all times and if it weren't for two very dubious VAR plays (the referee didn't go to see the offside ... rare ... and the other foul ... dubious) with all that, the truth deserved to win the game or At least not lose it, but played for played, Artur took a rabbit out of the gallery and decreed the victory in the last play

The rest of the games Central played them with substitutes who are far from the level of the starters and had a bad night in the first leg vs Bragantino

But it has players of the class of Vecchio, the point guard and generator of the game, Marco Ruben, a tremendous scorer or the goalkeeper Broun…. Quality that in newells not even close they have.

Newells has Scocco who is still low, Maxi Rodriguez recovering from an injury is out of this game and we talk about the most unbalanced player and more in the classics where he is always the protagonist

He even has several doubts in his starting eleven

The two rosario teams, classic, but without an audience it is the same who has the localia

In addition, Rosario Central's paternity is very large, it is costing him a lot for Newells to win

So I see a huge value in the double chance for Central or the +0.25 last

Even if newells have more points (playing a single tournament and getting more points than they should for merit), the reality is that in a heads-up match, Central has a better roster

And another ingredient, this type of classic is usually very tied because this type of match is played with great fear, a lot of pressure, losing is tremendous for anyone, with a tie they take the responsibility off of them and none of the protagonists are marked.

In short, profit for this pick

WIN Score: 1:1 Profit: +0.7
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