Newells vs River

Asian Handicap
Pick: River -0.75
Odds: 2.04
Stake: 1

Match date: 15/09/2021

The FIFA qualifying date is over and River is celebrating because the 2 previous dates were totally depleted and even so, I added 4 points out of 6

In addition to the injuries they had to suffer

But now as we see, they all returned, Armani, Paulo Diaz, H.Martinez, R.Rojas, J.Alvarez and he recovers from his injuries 2 of the most important starters, Angileri (who covers the new loss of Casco) and Matias Suarez

Equipazo can arm River and the rival invites the millionaire to play hard

Because Newells is in a tailspin, he can't win, they got only 2 points out of 15 and they didn't have a complicated fixture to have such a bad streak

The squad that Newells has left is honestly not of quality, several promises but still somewhat green and the experienced players in the lower part of their career.

On top of that, a good player like Cristaldo will be out

In another time playing in Rosario with all the people against it would be difficult, today it should be a triumph for River without that local effect

WIN Score: 1:4 Profit: +1.04
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