Newell's vs Aldosivi

Asian Handicap
Pick: Aldosivi +0,50
Odds: 2.02
Stake: 1

Match date: 21/10/2021

Recovery came to Aldosivi and it was obvious

They needed a coach to order the players and make them play according to the limitation of the players

Because the previous DT, Gago, was looking for a colorful football with a ball on the ground and the quality of the players, especially the defensive ones, they did not give to play like that and they always marked him due to avoidable errors

Martin Palermo arrived, a more practical coach and in addition to putting the best (Gabriel Hauche ex Argentinos is returning to that great level he had), he makes them play in the best way they can perform and the results arrived. Local victory against one of the greats as Independiente

Newells is a losing machine

They threw out DT and today an interim will be in the bank who knows that his days are numbered because Heinze is wanted

So without a benchmark with experience in the bank and with the bad streak that it has, you can trust that at least aldosivi adds, just that and we already get paid.

Newells continues with the losses of its 2 referents, Maxi Rodriguez and Pablo Perez

The substitute goalkeeper will continue to tackle in addition

Newells only added 1 point of the last 15 he played at home

Let's go with the new Aldosivi

WIN Score: 0:0 Profit: +1.02
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