ND Gorica - Maribor

Asian Handicap
Pick: Maribor (AH-1)
Odds: 2.06
Stake: 1

Match date: 06/03/2021

»Soccer» Slovenia »First League» ND Gorica - Maribor

For me, there is no doubt that the investment on Maribor is very attractive and has good value.

By all the parameters that I take into account I would give on the line AH-1 odds of 1.90.

Basic elements of the investment:

- Gorica is fighting for survival while Maribor is fighting for the title of league.

- Gorica is currently in last place with a gap of 6 points from the penultimate team.

- The key players in the team have returned to Maribor and we can expect better games and a series of victorie

- h2h: Absolutely on the side of Maribor: Maribor has 11 consecutive victories against Gorica !!!s.

If Maribor wants to become the champion of a match like this, it must win convincingly.

For me, there is no doubt that Maribor is a huge favorite.

The odds will surely fall in the coming days.

LOST Score: 1:1 Profit: -1
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