Napoli - Spezia

Asian Handicap
Pick: Napoli AH -1.5
Odds: 2.16
Stake: 1

Match date: 06/01/2021
Already in last round Spezia had numerous missings. Added to the ones out practically for months - but some of them should be regular if fit - they were without Ricci ( midf.12+1) and Acampora ( midf.2+1) with Covid, Terzi ( def. 10+1) banned and Ferrer ( def.7+3).

Last two ones return available, but today guests with new misses: Bartolomei ( mdif.3+3) near to go away, Bastoni ( Def.9), Chabot ( def. 11+3 1g) and Estevez ( midf.8+2) banned for a total of eleven unavailable players.

Two defeats in last five for Napoli, that remain in a CL place and with Mertens ( 4g) and Oshmen ( 2g) again out in attack and Coulibaly ( 12) in defense.

Only one draw for Spezia in last six, they played 30 minutes in ten men three days ago and with all that misses canno't have great chances to make good turnover if needed and should put on field 19 years old Piccoli ( striker 2+7) and just arrived Saponara.

Gattuso shouldn't do huge turnover here, anyway has good choices to win against a weak, more tired and depleted team at home with more then one goal scored.
LOST Score: 1:2 Profit: -1
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