Napoli - Juventus

1X2 / Moneyline
Pick: Juventus
Odds: 2.08
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/02/2021

Odds should drop a lot till Saturday, true that Juventus will have CL match in midweek, but they have practically whole team available - Arthur wasn't in training but should be recovered for the match.

With a little turnover they already won against Napoli in Supercup.

In midweek both played in Italy cup, Juventus passed to next stage, Napoli no and has one day less of rest using various starters - specially in attack - since first minute.

More, against Atalanta injuried Hysay ( def.9+1) and Demme ( midf.10+3 2g), while both first choice defenders Koulibaly ( 15) and Manolas ( 18), Ghoulam ( def.1+6) Mertens ( att.4g) remain out.

Against Atalanta Napoli loose 3-1, but hosts lately with bad results in league, too, internal problems, too, with Gattuso in bad relatinship with owner De Laurentiis but also with some players that accuse him to put them out of thir natural roles, accoridng to the press.

Juventus, best defense in league can win against a team with many problems in and off the field

LOST Score: 1:0 Profit: -1
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