Asian Handicap
Pick: MyPa(-1)
Odds: 1.88
Stake: 1

Match date: 29/08/2021

Hometeam MyPa had difficult start of season,but have start to improved after that with 3 wins out of last 5 games and also 3 homewins out of last 5 homegames.In their last game they showed season best performance at home against topform Lahden Reipas with 2-1 homewin,that was only loss to Reipas in their last 8 games.Almost all most important players are available,when also attacker Tomi Raikkonen(8/2) are very close to make comeback.

Awayteam MiPK was in difficult situation after last season when almost all last season regulars moved away(totally 14 oplayers),so they have rebuild their squad almost from the start.So their problems of this season have not suprised and it was more than sure that they come to fight bottom of leaguetable this season.In their last game away against another bottomtable team PKKU,they loss 5-1 and their coach Ozeias Graziano sub himself in late of 2nd half,but after 10minutes when he come in he take redcard.

Even MiPK have still chances to stay in this level,hometeam MyPa have improved their teamwork much more and come to here by clear favorite.

LOST Score: 2:2 Profit: -1
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