Asian Handicap
Pick: MP(-1.5)
Odds: 2.36
Stake: 1

Match date: 16/10/2020

Name of the game here is that,hometeam MP come to securite their place in Ykkonen with win and awayteam MyPa have already relegated after last round lost against Gnistan(2-4).Teams have met 2 times this season,first in cup MP won at home(2-1) and in league MP won away(0-1).MP is this season newcomer in Ykkonen and their target to stay in this league is very close and there is lots of happy faces for that reason, which come to show positive atmosphere in their last 4 games this season. MP come to miss midfielder Walid Abdelali(15/2).Awayteam MyPa have had very tough season with stats 1-3-14(goals:18-50).After their last game at home against Gnistan(loss 2-4),their relegating is sure. They have lost all 8 awaygames this season(0-0-8) goals:5-25.Against MP they come to miss quite many regulars, when out of action are defenders Niveri(12/1),Kahkonen(15/0),midfielders Lindeman(15/0),Lindberg(9/0), Goljahanpoor(10/0),Rautomaki(13/0), Ishii(7/1) and attacker Rama(13/2).Also MyPa dont get loanplayers from their cooperation team HIFK(Veikkausliiga) because their tough schedule.I expected oneway game so line - 1.5 sounds fair to me.

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WIN Score: 4:0 Profit: +1.36
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  • 1
    Robert Munter 16/10/2020 07:24:47
    Odds jumped to 2.36 in Pin just i write analyses.
  • 2
    InsideSport 16/10/2020 09:39:56
    Yes. I was just checking this, odds at the time of posting were actually higher then you posted (I will change it manually from 2.17 to 2.36). Btw. I really like this betting tip, a long list of absent player for away! Following!
  • 3
    Robert Munter 16/10/2020 10:31:04
    Noway that this MyPa team could replaced their missing players and there is even no reason to try to do that, because of their bad situation. There is big chances that they come to gived time to some of their junior players in rest of season.
  • 5
    Robert Munter 16/10/2020 19:04:10
    3-0 in 77th minute just 1 minute later than MyPa sub-in 2 juniorplayers.

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