Morocco-Dr Congo

Under / Over
Pick: Morocco to score over 1.5
Odds: 1.61
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/10/2020
Very interesting game between those two nations,for me Marocco is way much better,theres a lot good players,El arabi Amrabat,El Nesyri ,Hakimi and many more,on the other side we have Dr Congo who lost to Burkina Faso,i didnt see Bakumbu played for Congo..even game gonna be played at Marocco,for me at this moment Marocco is top team,there shouldnt be problem for home team to score at least two I always liked Marocco style of play.Dr Congo doesnt play defensive football,cause of that Marocco should create lot of chances.
LOST Score: 1:1 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    Constantine 13/10/2020 15:02:07
    You could use Asians for this kind of bet, I'm the fan of team total goals too and Pinnie and SBO have those in offer. gl btw!
  • 2
    Mladen 13/10/2020 17:43:05
    Ok i ll have that in my mind,tnx.
  • 3
    InsideSport 13/10/2020 19:03:01
    Yes, agree. On any day I would choose asians over bet365, even with lower odds. Bet365 limits winners, asians don’t. Cheers and good luck!