Montevideo city vs Boston River

1X2 / Moneyline
Pick: Montevideo
Odds: 1.789
Stake: 1

Match date: 03/10/2021

A team that is again to fight in the first 3 places and another that is fighting down again

Because Montevideo City Torque is being very good despite all the changes it had in recent months

6 without losing but should have more points in the tournament, at least 7 points out of 9 because the last game against Fenix ??was a dance by City and could not get past the tie

I found in Sebastian Guerrero Martinez an implacable scorer

The thing in Boston is unfortunate if I take the last date, I went with them and I was ashamed of that pick

Lost by beating 5-2 by locals against a mended Pe?arol

If they added points it was because they played against rivals equal to or less than them

When they had to play at home against Wanderers, a rival at the height of Torque, they lost 3-1

I believe that Montevideo is several steps above them, I hope today they comply, they have to

WIN Score: 4:3 Profit: +0.79
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