Molde - Trabzonspor

UEFA Conference League
Under / Over
Pick: Over 3
Odds: 2.03
Stake: 1

Match date: 12/08/2021

Molde is very attacking minded team, they showed us last week against trabzonspor also they are same in league. Trabzon and their coach well known with good defence but maybe due to beginning of the season they seemed so messy. in long way, trabzon will be better defensive team but i do not think their coach can fix this in just one week. i expect a game similar as first leg.

Molde will play ahead of supporters and i do not think they play balanced game

LOST Score: 1:1 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    Eazy 11/08/2021 19:39:41
    A tipster with no record can be under featured category??? What's going on
  • 2
    InsideSport 11/08/2021 19:45:14
    Erbil is someone we go way back and have experience working with. For such tipsters we know their qualities both in knowledge but also profesionalism, performance and basic human qualities. Such tipster get immediate access to featured. 

    Erbil is tipster of highest calibre who we have been trying for long time to get on InsideSport. We are happy he is here and I hope that he will back these kind words with performance and dedication.
  • 3
    Eazy 11/08/2021 19:46:32
    Cool thanks for the explanation.
  • 4
    Eazy 13/08/2021 13:51:22
    Absolutely disappointed with Erbil results. Betted on both games and lost both.

    All that talk about highest calibre, the decision of making a tipster automatically as "featured" has backfired. It does not matter if the management of IS goes way back with this tipster or whether he's regarded as knowledgeable and professional. Everyone should go thru the same process of being non featured - proving that they are worth of being in featured and Silver and gold category.

    If he had won Atleast 1 bet, it wouldn't have been bad. But to be automatically listed as featured and losing the first 2 tipsters - obviously it was a bad call by the management of IS
  • 5
    InsideSport 13/08/2021 14:26:19
    Something has 'absolutely backfired' and someone is 'bad' after 2 betting tips get serious mate and do not bet more than you can lose. This is obvious bitter talk after losing some money on bets. Erbil is definitely on the featured level we require and has the potential to become Silver, will he manage depends on him, unfortunately I can not predict future, but he has definitely featured calibre.

    'Everyone should go thru the same process of being non featured' - Luckily for us, you are not the editor or manager on IS. Many of the current Silver tipsters had the same path and they proved to be killers, so allow us to trust more in our proven process than on some random anonymous comment online who 'knows everything' after 2 betting tips done by a tipster. Erbil might not match our expectations, but WE will be the ones to determine and make decisions. However, I would put my money on Erbil being in the profit zone should he remain serious about his work on IS.