Millonarios vs Junior

Asian Handicap
Pick: Millonarios -0,25
Odds: 1.844
Stake: 1

Match date: 13/06/2021
The first leg was won by Junior 3-2 
Despite the losses of both teams where, to my understanding, the juniors weighed more, the always humid climate of Barranquilla and the lack of game in millionaires weighed in the game
Now everything changes It will be played at the height of Bogota, where Junior always cost it
Knowing that only 3 days it is difficult for a team to recover soldiers and knowing that Millionaires are obliged to win to pass the round and confirming that the casualties of Borja, Teo Gutierrez, Cariaco Gonzalez and Pajoy are more important than those of millionaires, well, I I choose with this handicap for those of Gamero

WIN Score: 2:0 Profit: +0.84
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