Melipilla vs Colo Colo

Asian Handicap
Pick: Colo Colo -0.25
Odds: 1.84
Stake: 1

Match date: 01/08/2021

It will be a few days but that fee has a giant value

Melipilla has just tied in the difficult Atacama stadium, height and heat wear anyone down and they had a very intense match

And he will have to receive Colo Colo who has to add by 3 yes or yes, if he wants to fight at the top, the Cacique has no more margin

And on top of that, melipilla cedes localia, they will play at the La Calera stadium. Will be neutral

Colo Colo, although he plays tomorrow against Wanderers, the lonely bottom of the Chilean league, I hope he wins without problems, so it should be because of the difference between them in the table

Although they have 3 days off, they do not have long trips and they do not come worn down from so many matches in a row

Having a quota like this for a -0.25 in favor of Colo Colo against this lower quality rival is very good

Max Limits; 500 Eur Pinnacle in VIP IBC

WIN Score: 2:4 Profit: +0.84
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