Melgar vs Mannucci

Asian Handicap
Pick: Melgar -0.75
Odds: 1.806
Stake: 1

Match date: 05/02/2022

And as I commented in the other pick from Huancayo, I repeat it here too, the height of Arequipa is not a joke for teams from the plains like Mannucci


Because we return to the real localities, everything is no longer focused on Lima and Melgar is once again a candidate


And not only because of the height, Lorenzo's team kept the base and with that I mean that the offensive trident, Iberico, Cuesta and Bordachar are still in Melgar, as well as the Peru team goalkeeper, Caceda among others


And on top of that, I add the experienced Argentine Martin Perez Guedes, offensive midfielder of a very good tournament in U.San Martin, the Argentine central defender Galeano from Chilean soccer among those who stand out the most to replace Pereyra who went to Argentine soccer


On Mannucci's side, the transfer market was not favorable


Because the team's 2 scorers left him, Felipe Jorge Rodriguez (6 goals and 7 assists), by far the best player, today in Cusco


Osmar Noronha also left, starting striker, another player symbol of Mannucci


They brought Yuriel Celi, a promising player, from Cantolao, but his progress is half truncated for now


With all this, knowing that Melgar by budget is always a candidate and now with the true hometown on his side and Mannucci's casualties, well, it's to get into this handicap well

HALF WIN Score: 1:0 Profit: +0.4
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