Međimurje - Sesvete

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Pick: AH +0,5 Sesvete
Odds: 1.74
Stake: 1

Match date: 17/02/2021

Međimurje from Čakovec and Sesvete will play this match of 16th round of the 2nd Croatian football league today at 3 pm CET, which was supposed to be played in the fall of 2020. but was postponed due to Covid 19. After 17 games, Sesvete has 24 points in tenth place and Međimurje has 22 poinst is in 12th place of 18 clubs (last three will relegate).

Key difference for this two clubs is financial situation. Međimurje is facing bankruptcy, players aren't paid by the club, but by their managers and agents, so bad results isn't surprising. After four consecutive defeats at the end of 2020., Međimurje started in 2021. with a high defeat 1:6 in Zagreb against Rudeš. It was a bit funny to watch players and their errors of new coach Mario Kovačević, who sat on the bench this winter after 11 players left (Đurak, Picak, Svetić, Antanasković, Lovrić, Kuqi, Glavina, Gogić, Hairlahović, Golubić, Mijić), and there were nine new ones brought from the lower ranks of the competition by various agents. Kovačević actually played without these new ones, he only introduced some in the second half againt Rudeš, because they are not ready yet, they haven't enough trainings for serious football. The young team that played didn't have a chance against a serious team of Rudeš, and it will be seen today what it can do against Sesvete.

New French central defender Claudio Anderson Merville should strengthen defensive line of the club from Čakovec, while new striker Ahmed Hasanović managed to score a goal in Zagreb, taking advantage of a big mistake by Rudeš's defense.

Sesvete didn't change players roster too much during the winter break, they kept most of the main players, and it is a stable club without financial problems. In the first game in 2021., they ran into a physically strong and very compact team of Kustošija, so their attacking qualities didn't come to the fore. It ended 0:0, although 13 games before that in the games of Sesvete always scored at least three goals in total.

After the game, coach Dino Babić was satisfied and said that it was very important to him that the defense improved and he worked on it the most. Obviously, Babić decided to change his style of play a bit, so Sesvete will now play more defensively, because they conceded 33 goals in the first part of the Championship, which is too much.

Guests come to Čakovec with a lot of optimism, in the last three games they beat Međimurje every time, and even today they expect at least one point here. All players are available to coach Babić.

Bookmakers are still wandering with their odds in the 2nd HNL, which is logical because they don't follow the situation and changes in the clubs enough. Therefore, they see Međimurje as a favorite, but we wouldn't agree with that.

The host is far from good shape, with many new players and a new coach, and so far conceded 43 goals, the most in the league. Sesvete are well-coordinated and compact team and now when their defense is better, and if this match isn't fixed, they can definitely succeed in Čakovec.

WIN Score: 2:2 Profit: +0.74
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    CK 17/02/2021 08:46:32
    can't bet now, ibc & sbo not offering this match yet

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