Međimurje - Opatija

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Pick: Opatija +0
Odds: 2.4
Stake: 1

Match date: 30/10/2020
Today, four very interesting matches of the 12th round of the 2nd HNL are being played.

Derby of the round is from 2 pm in Zagreb's stadium Siget between the first-placed Hrvatski dragovoljac and the third-placed Sesvete, but the most intriguing game for betting could be the last match of the day, which will be played in Čakovec from 6 pm.

The fifth and fourth, Međimurje and Opatija, are playing, tied with 19 points.

This clubs have completely different styles of play, Međimurje is extremely offensive, while Opatija is a hard and rational team with Italian style of play. Opatija has the second best defense in the league (8 goals conceded in 10 games), four away victories without defeat and a number of experienced former first and second league players (Maloku - Hajduk, Zgrablić - Istra, Iveša - Istra, Bertoša - Rijeka, Weitzer - Rijeka, Bjelanović - Vinogradar...).

However, what distinguishes these two clubs the most is the financial situation. Međimurje is close to bankruptcy, their players are paid by their managers or other clubs who are on loan, and they are mostly young, talented, but inexperienced players.
They hope for the arrival of a foreign investor, who would invest money and save the club from Čakovec, but it's all in the air...
This week, more precisely on Tuesday and Wednesday, there was a strike by the players of Međimurje because they have not received a single salary or bonus, since the beginning of the Championship, which have been constantly promised.
The president of the club, Marijan Uršanić, came out in front of them and said that there was no money, and asked them to continue playing.
Coach Vincetić did the training on Thursday, the only one this week, but when I asked him yesterday who will play against Opatija, he answered - I don't know. He hopes that everyone will play, except the injured Vuk and Marcijuš, otherwise two important players, especially the striker Marcijuš, but maybe some players refuse to play match against Opatija.
In any case, the atmosphere in Međimurje is very disturbed, before match with the team whose coach Zoran Bogolin is also the biggest sponsor of the club. Bogolin is a rich man who does not save money, salaries and bonuses are high and regular, and the only problem is that the stadium in Opatija does not meet the criteria for the 2nd HNL, so Opatija as the host plays in Rijeka (Kantrida).

The guests are even more rested because they did not play in the last round due to the waterlogged pitch, and Lucić, Rudan and Ivančić, who are absent today, are not among the most important players of Opatija.

The impression is that Opatija will not lose this game, I even think it is the favorite to win, because it is an experienced and very good selected team, that knows how to punish all the mistakes of rivals and is a legitimate candidate for first place this season.

Possible starting 11

Međimurje (4-4-2): Jesenović - Palić, Hranilović, Glavina, Gogić - Radošević, Havelka, Mamić, Brcković - Mijić, Igrec
Opatija (4-2-3-1): Iveša - Maloku, Zgrablić, Jukičić, Bertoša - Mohorovičić, Glavaš - Matulja, Weitzer, Bogolin - Junuzović "
LOST Score: 3:0 Profit: -1
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