Asian Handicap
Pick: Mariehamn(+0.25)
Odds: 1.98
Stake: 1

Match date: 18/10/2020

Cant resist to take underdog like hometeam MIFK are today.Yes they are in bad form right now, but they cant rest and see what happend even they have 8pts up to playoff places and 8pts to down to relegating qualification place and there is still 8-9(3 in reg.season+5 groupgames) games left.In big picture i cant see much different between these teams ranking, SJK restrenghtened their squad with Ledesma and Jarvis but they not changed that much their totalquality.This season MIFK stats at home 3-3-3(goals:11-11) and SJK away 2-3-3(goals:7-7).No many important missings, SJK miss suspended midfielder Mehmet Hetemaj(15/4).Luck or something, but SJK have won last time away against MIFK in summer 2015,after that MIFK have won 5 times and 2 draws.In my papers this game is cointoss 50/50 so we have value here.

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LOST Score: 2:3 Profit: -1
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  • 1
    Robert Munter 18/10/2020 11:41:24
    Forgot mention that first meeting this season SJK-MIFK 1-2.
  • 2
    Robert Munter 18/10/2020 16:56:40
    That was bad luck? MIFK take lead in 84th minute, but still loss the game.. Damn!!

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