Man City vs PSG

UEFA Champions League
Under / Over
Pick: Under 3.0
Odds: 1.99
Stake: 1

Match date: 04/05/2021

It's hard for Man City to have a game over 3 ball. Their controlling while cautious approach had almost dominated the flow of every game. If they fail, they mostly struggled in attack (0-2 Man Utd, 1-2 Leeds). Leading by just one, I found it hard how the game can turn into goal-fest, which is only reasonable if an early goal opening the game up.

PSG would be cautious at least for the first half, unless another goal conceded early but which is not likely the case given how conservative is this Man City side. The Mbappe doubt could be the explanation why the Frenchman was rather quiet 1st leg, and this would only hinder the attack of PSG no matter if he starts here. Personally, I don't see the likeliness of the final score more than 2-1.

PSG has Gueye suspended but should not be a big deal here, Danilo more than capable as a replacementt. My odds 1.80.

WIN Score: 2:0 Profit: +0.99
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