Lyngby - Esbjerg

Asian Handicap
Pick: Lyngby -1
Odds: 1.82
Stake: 1

Match date: 07/08/2021

First home match for Lyngby after two consecutive away wins, hosts are contenders for promotion and for this match have all players available.

Esbjerg suffer of internal problems, american new owner, same owner of Barnsley in championship, appointed trainer Hyballa that adopted very hard methods not accepted by the players that - one by one - are searching to leave the team.

Last season regular keeper Kikkenborg - that played in op?ening round - and offensive midf. Egelund ( 2) already left the team at end of their contracts, def. Pedersen ( 12 1g) already left in July,

Before to leave Kikkenborg was one of the 21 players that signed a letetr to management expressing their disappointment against style of training of Hyballa and they not trusted in him.

Possible "brutal" methods of Hyballa accused of physical violence and psychological terror were criticized also by players association and Danish Working Enviroment Authority that entered in the question.

I will be not surprised if players of Esbjerg - another team candidate to promotion but with only one point in first match that was also suspended and ended the day after - will try to put basis for the sack of trainer.

WIN Score: 5:0 Profit: +0.82
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