Lugano - Young Boys

Asian Handicap
Pick: Lugano +0.5
Odds: 1.95
Stake: 1

Match date: 19/12/2021

Guests will play third match in a week, so more tired then the oppon ent free in midweek.

After the win against Sion - arrived in most part thanks to a red card for the opponent - and the draw in big match against Basel, YB returns to play away on grass - while in last two rounds played on its artificial turf - against a team that loose only three matches - last one just against YB - all away in last 13 rounds, with best home defense with Basel of tournament, having a record of 5-2-1 13/7.

Yb adds the ban for Sierro ( midf.7+8) and new topscorer Kanga ( 8g) to an already long list of absentees that includes both first keepers Balmoos and Faivre, Aebischer ( midf.13+2 2g) , now second scorer Fasschnat ( 7g), last season topscorer Nsame, Mambimbi ( att. 4+8 1g), Garcia ( def.9+3 1g) and a couple of other players. Only good news return of key midf. Lauper (14) from ban.

Third on table Lugano has Facchinetti ( def.13+4 1g) as new miss while two of the three second scorers Bottani (3g) and Celar ( 3g) are uncertain. Other missings are old ones without many minutes on field.

Situation for YB respect latest two round is worsened having accumulated tiredness and "foreign" turf for them, added to a long list of missings - included both keepers and two of the three best scorers - and perduring average performances for the whole season.

LOST Score: 0:5 Profit: -1
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