Los Barrios - Utrera

Asian Handicap
Pick: Utrera -0.5
Odds: 1.95
Stake: 1

Match date: 01/05/2021

Los Barrios - Utrera 

** Sadly Asia is not offering tercera for the second week in a row. I dont know why but what they do now is open the game 30,15 or 5 minutes before kickoff. So if you want to take this one in Pinnacle or similar, check the bookie few moments before game starts.

 05-01-2021  18:00 PM CEST. 

Tercera 10

Los Barrios arrive in awful moment in and outside the pitch. 

They have lost the last 3 in a row offering a lousy image and last thursday the squad reported unpaid wages for a couple months 

"When an untenable situation comes, it's when the persons don't even have enough to eat. This year we've had more than one faint during training because they didn't eat”

These was the words of the coach in support of their players a couple days ago

They are playing for nothing and today cant count with the left back Adri (14/0 ) and neither with the topscorer Boubakar (15/4 m) 

Utrera have won 4 out from the last 5 and only received 2 goals . Now they are 3 points away from qualifying for the next phase and team is focusing on getting them today without waiting for the last week. 

This game was played three weeks ago at Utrera and the hosts won easily 2-0 . 

The odds they offer are an excellent value to be taken. 

WIN Score: 0:4 Profit: +0.95
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