Lokomotiva - Dinamo

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Pick: AH -1,5 Dinamo
Odds: 2.06
Stake: 1

Match date: 11/04/2021

In the 28th round of 1st Croatian football league, Lokomotiva and Dinamo will meet in Zagreb, which has been the most controversial match in this league for 10 years. The reason is that Lokomotiva is actually the second team of Dinamo, so in no country other than Croatia would it be possible for such two clubs to play in the same competition rank.

Corruption and non-compliance with positive laws are Croatia's biggest problem, even though this country joined the European Union in 2013, which also applies to football.

When these two clubs play, and they have played 40 times, Dinamo won 90 percent matches, and in those five or six when didn't, that is because Dinamo didn't need to! Also, Dinamo will win today, because in the last round unexpectedly played 1:1 against Šibenik, and Osijek is this season a big competitor for the first place and both rivals have same number of points before this round.

In the last 16 years, Dinamo wasn't champion in 2017. alone, and although its leaders, the Mamić brothers, have been sentenced to prison terms, they still control the club.

Dinamo will also win because Lokomotiva is by far the worst team in the league at this moment, with only 20 points and 18 goals scored in 27 games. The recent change of coach didn't help either. New coach Samir Toplak cannot do anything significant because he doesn't have quality, especially in the offensive segment of play, and six players were injured (Tuci, Mersinaj, Đira, Aliya, Hadžić, Tahiraj), of which Aliyu and Tuci the only two serious strikers of this club.

This match for Dinamo comes between two against Villarreal in the quarterfinals of the European League, but coach Damir Krznar announced practically the strongest team and only injured striker Gavranović will be absent today, while Petković will be on the bench and enter if necessary.

So, there is no doubt here, the victory goes to Dinamo, and as Lokomotiva is really weak this season and is the first candidate to be relegated from the league, we believe that there will be at least two goals difference for Dinamo. By the way, these two clubs never played 0:0.

WIN Score: 0:2 Profit: +1.06
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  • 1
    Bullet 11/04/2021 14:16:04
    Only 3 players is loan from Dinamo, before in past was mutch more.
    I could talk about the past a lot, but trust me on my word, there is no classic fixed for money.
    When it came to fixed a couple of times in the past, it wasn’t the clubs that did it, but some people out clubs......
    Dinamo has many loan players in the HNL, Varaždin, Rijeka, Lokomotiva ...
    If I worked for Dinamo, I would put in the contract that no loan player can play against Dinamo.

    This bet is good, and it is realistic to expect a 2-goal difference for Dinamo, won of Dinamo is for me 90% sure.

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