Llacuabamba - Sport Boys

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Pick: Sport Boys -0.5
Odds: 2.05
Stake: 1

Match date: 24/10/2020
Llacuabamba - Sport Boys 

Sport Boys to win . 

Llacuabamba is not paying salaries for 3 months.  They are thinking in leave the competition. Very very bad streak as well in the pitch and they dont win since 10 weeks ago.  They are relegated 100%

Llacuabamba moreover miss the two most important players in the team ; Valera star player and topscorer and Santamaría key midfielder and 2nd topscorer . 

Valera refuse to play with the team as he got offers and dont wanna risk an injury and Santamaria is suspended. 

The only advantage Llacuabamba could have is they play high in the mountains while Sport Boys no, but this is gone as the game is played in neutral field in Lima , at sea level. 

Sport Boys need to win , or they will be in very big problems with the relegation . They are in good streak having lost only 1 in 5 games and having won the last 2 in a row .

They are recovering players for this game ; Topscorer Penco and defenders Balbin and Ruiz 

 Llacuabamba defender said : "it happened that a month ago we agreed with the club so that they would not take points away, well, yesterday that commitment was fulfilled and they did not pay us the months of July and August, arguing that we were not paid because we don't get good results. You can have some savings and manage the situation a bit, but there are guys in the club who don't have money and they are really having a very bad time. "

Raguso is not silent at all and specified that "football is very changeable and there are 10 dates left and anything can happen. Besides, we play well although we don't get good results. I think that Hernán Saavedra is a good person, however he is very poorly advised by people who do not love the club or the mining community. We are really tired of being treated like circus animals, I don't see that well. Undoubtedly, these types of situations tear down everything that is advanced in Peruvian football It cannot be possible for teams to go up to First Division that do not want to fulfill their obligations to their players. "
The Uruguayan player also said that "today we made the decision not to train with the intention of staying together and we will see what happens because the managers also told us that they planned to retire from the tournament and leave us adrift."
LOST Score: 3:0 Profit: -1
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