Llacuabamba - Huancayo

Asian Handicap
Pick: -0.5 Huancayo
Odds: 1.9
Stake: 1

Match date: 09/10/2020
Im confident for huancayo win because the following reasons.

1-  Huancayo is much better . Already stablished in first tier of peru football , they have good players and have been fighting till not so much for the title . On the other hand , llacuabamba is just promoted who will be back to 2nd tier soon. they just have not enough quality to avoid relegation

2 - Both cities Huancayo and Parcoy (llacuabamba) are in the mountains level , so there isnt advantage like other teams in Perú.

3- Llacuabamba miss topscorer and star player Valera , who is with national team . Big big blow for the team. "
WIN Score: 0:2 Profit: +0.9
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  • 1
    InsideSport 10/10/2020 09:09:22
    Well done Dario! Like the preview as well, straight and on point with clear reasons.
  • 2
    ligcat 10/10/2020 12:37:24
    Very good tip Dario, congratulations!