Liverpool vs Leipzig

UEFA Champions League
Under / Over
Pick: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.74
Stake: 1

Match date: 10/03/2021

Liverpool will be playing against Leipzig in the second leg of the Uefa Champions League. 

Liverpool have been completely out of form as they have lost all of the last six games at Anfield. That's so shocking and probably one of the shocking things in football. How can a team who were unbeaten at home for more than 3 years running and suddenly lose six on the trot. Same players, same manager, only one or two key players missing but six on the trot at home for a Liverpool side seems so Ironic. And three of the six games were against teams who are in bottom half of the table (Burnley, Brighton, Fulham) 

Liverpool coach Klopp, few days ago was favourite to be sacked in the EPL according to the bookmarkers and now is second favourite as Steve Bruce is first. 

What most people think is due to Liverpool not having fans at home but that's not the case in my opinion because fans were not there since lockdown but at that time their performance was good at Anfield. What I feel is players may be having internal problems and probably players having big issues with Klopp and they might be underperfoming deliberately just as Manchester United did with Mourinho. 

I cannot risk picking either of side here as I don't know if Liverpool will play same type of the lazy game they play in Premier League or not so I am deciding to go with over 2.5 goals. Over looks better pick because three of the last four games played by Leipzig ended in over 2.5 goals 

LOST Score: 2:0 Profit: -1
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