Liverpool-Sheffield United

United Kingdom
Under / Over
Pick: over 3.5
Odds: 2.29
Stake: 1

Match date: 24/10/2020
Third pick from me,I adore Liverpool ,i was so sad when Mane goal was anulated for 3-2 at fiinishig moments plus V Diijk got an injury ,theres talk he should not play till the rest of season team from Anfileld is on 5 position and they will be looking for clear 3 points at this game,V Diijk injyry for me is biggest handicap that could happen to Liverpool,but look on the brifht side LFc have best trio Mane Salah Firminho,in middlfield,Wijandalum who stayed cauase Barsa was interested to sign him,Henderson he with Alcanatara are making a lot of pass,and possesion ,with Jota its and very vell middlfield,Alison is under question so that could be handicap also,Sheffield United is at the bottom of the table,but that team can score ,they are dangerous from corner free kicks,watching them against Fulham thats was so good game,was a 6-7 chances for goal on both side,Mitrovic missed for Fullham an headshot in 92 min for victory,that mean that coach Chris wasnt satisfied with point and made in second half when they were losing formation which Fullham easyily created a lot of counter attacks,bot teams are hungry for win,bur against Liverppol at their stadium that would be an impossible mission,but this is betting and everything is possible,for me this is like I used to say rain of goals."
LOST Score: 2:1 Profit: -1
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