Liverpool - Brighton

Under / Over
Pick: Under 3
Odds: 1.9
Stake: 1

Match date: 03/02/2021

I will give a short preview on this one as the situation of both clubs is known. I am going with the under 3 option tonight because of two reasons. 

  1. Liverpool in next 17 days will play 5 very important matches which will determine a great deal of their season. After tonight’s match Liverpool will play City, Leicester, Leipzig in Chempions and Everton. So  as you can see this is very important period and tonight’s match is the easiest one on paper. So I expect a win tonight, but I don’t see a reason why should Liverpool push so hard to earn a big win when they have very busy schedule. We know their problems with the injuries so I repeat that I don’t see a logic to push hard. 
  2. The second reason is Brighton. This team has achieved good results lately culminating with the win against Tottenham few days ago. They are a team who score and concede very few goals. The kept a clean sheet against Leeds and Tottenham and managed to concede just one goal from City. This points to the fact that they are a tight team. So tonight I expect them to fight hard to take a point and surely will park the bus. So I don’t expect Liverpool to break them easily. 
  3. So the under 3 option seems a good bet. Gl to us all 

WIN Score: 0:1 Profit: +0.9
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