Linense - Murcia

Asian Handicap
Pick: Linense 0
Odds: 1.66
Stake: 1

Match date: 04/04/2021

Linense - Real Murcia

Segunda B 4

Linense is have a very solid squad and is a team made for promotion but due to bad run in the end they didnt got the goal in the first phase. 

In this second phase they have another chance to get the promotion and all games are a must win. 

The coach was sacked and the new one stated they are motivated to get the promotion. 

At home Linense is a very strong team , having lost only 1 game and conceding two goals. Also they have the best defense of the league with only 10 goals received.

Murcia dont know what is to win as as visitor since 2 months ago . They have problems today with the missings and 2 key players are out for this game;  Toril (15/7 F topscorer) , Baro (13/1 D) 


WIN Score: 1:0 Profit: +0.66
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