Leczna W - UKS SMS Lodz W

Under / Over
Pick: over 2.75
Odds: 1.76
Stake: 1

Match date: 29/05/2021

Penultimate day of the women's eekstraliga, or the top league in Poland. Championship dominated from the first to today by Czarni Sosnowiec who return to win the title after several years, even if they are the oldest and most titled team in the country. But let's get to today's match where the former Leczna championships and the revelation of the championship or the Lodz girls who tried to chase Czarni Sosnowiec to the end. Leczna did not play a season at their height but a month ago they decided to sack the coach to hire two coaches on the bench, a woman and a man and from that moment they started playing as they know how. This is a team that scores a lot but often suffers a lot so to see the over 2.75 line in this game honestly surprised me because I would have expected the over 3.25 line.

HALF WIN Score: 1:2 Profit: +0.38
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    CK 29/05/2021 13:00:01
    Well done! 

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