Lanus vs Talleres

Asian Handicap
Pick: Talleres HA 0.0
Odds: 2.05
Stake: 1

Match date: 25/10/2021

That workshops have to dance with the most difficult in these last matches we have no doubts

River that has been sweeping, Colon who is a tough rival and above all I keep players in that game and the rising Defense and Justice

Taking out that gale, Workshops to the teams of their level could overcome them without problems

Even though Lanus has won the other day and is fighting in the top positions, it does not take away the courage to go against them

They beat a San Lorenzo with a lot of work that with Montero from DT they had no idea what they were playing, at home they did not pass with the tie with Banfield

In fact, it is more difficult for Lanus to play at home, they lost with newells, they tied with Sarmiento

If it is not for the "Flaco" Jose Lopez who have him in on-fire mode, Lanus does not have to fight Talleres

Workshops will be able to count on their entire squad for this game

I think it will be the recovery game for them, they have plenty of staff to do it and a good coach who will know how to reinvent himself

VOID Score: 3:3 Profit: 0
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