KuPS-FC Haka

Asian Handicap
Pick: FC Haka(+1.5)
Odds: 2.03
Stake: 1

Match date: 22/10/2020
Earlier this season im sure that i would thinking different about this game.not more than week ago everything looking exellent for KuPS, they was topteam in league and no dark clouds top of them.Anyway, first they lost against FC Inter with very weak performance and after that FC Honka stole points from their homeground.. 0 scored goals in last 2 games.FC Haka season have been maybe quite that i expected with that squad, so if they securited leagueplace they are for sure satisfied.Haka have been great in their last 5 awaygames with stats 3-2-0 goals:7-4.KuPS have ALL pressures in this game and im not sure that all that they could handled it. "
WIN Score: 2:3 Profit: +1.03
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  • 1
    Robert Munter 22/10/2020 13:48:28
    KuPS midfielder Boateng(19/2) injured last game, so best scorer Ilmari Niskanen(moved away) and Boateng are big misses to KuPS.
  • 3
    darko_bosna 22/10/2020 19:43:38
    heheheh Robert, maister!!! Big balls bro, thank you very much!!!
  • 4
    Robert Munter 22/10/2020 19:53:51
    darko_bosna: heheheh Robert, maister!!! Big balls bro, thank you very much!!!

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