Asian Handicap
Pick: JaPS(-0.75)
Odds: 2.03
Stake: 1

Match date: 03/10/2021

Hometeam KuFu are 6th in table with 5pts. away from relegationzone and there is 5 teams between them and relegation so its very unlikely that they are in danger.Today come to play also KuPS U20 team important game so some of players than have played in both teams come to play with KuPS U20.

Awayteam JaPS was one of biggest favorite before this season with stromg signings like Aleksi Ristola,Miro Schwalenstocker and Joakim Arila which all have experienced from higher leagues.JaPS have played last time 11th september,so they are full of fresh legs today.JaPS lead this group with 1 point difference to 2nd place PePo,but have still 3 games left when PePo have not more than one so its 99.99% sure that JaPS come promoted end of this season into league ykkonen.

Even JaPS promotion is very likely i expected them to want securited that already today.JaPS won first meeting 4-0 earlier this season.

WIN Score: 1:3 Profit: +1.03
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